WordPress Odiogo ListenButton Plugin instructions

Here’s the procedure to install and enable the Odiogo ListenButton on your WordPress Blog:

  1. Sign-up your blog’s RSS feed with Odiogo - wait for the activation email
  2. Download the plugin

  3. Upload directory odiogo_listen_button to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP

  4. Login to your WordPress admin account and activate the Odiogo Listen Button plugin through the Plugins menu

  5. Click menu Options > Odiogo Listen Button

  6. Enter your Odiogo Feed ID and click Save

  7. Click menu Presentation > Widgets (or Sidebar Widgets depending on your WP version)
  8. Drag and drop Odiogo Subscribe Button from Available Widgets to Sidebar
  9. Click Save Changes


  • Tested with WordPress 2.07, 2.1 and 2.2

21 Responses to “WordPress Odiogo ListenButton Plugin instructions”

  1. NI-LIMITS Says:

    We have been using Odiogo for about a year now, and have been manually adding each downloaded then uploaded (to our server) system using PodPress (as seen at our blog http://ni-limits.com/blog/)

    We have spent vast amounts of time on this but really believe that it adds something special to our blog.

    When we heard that there was a plug-in that could this for us, we went nuts.

    Within a minute we had it installed.

    Our Odiogo podcast feed is:

    In the WP Options it asks for a feed-id.

    Since no example is provided in the control panel or on the blog (not good), we assume that our ID would be “ni-limits-blog”

    Is this correct?

    If so, how long does it take for it to start working?

    Ours is not yet working, so we presently have both systems (the manual one we created using PodPress and your plug-in) and would really like to remove one of them as soon as possible.

    Does anyone have any answers and or advice?

    By the way; in case I had not already mentioned it before, you service is excellent, and the only time we ever had a problem, you fixed it in a matter of hours.

    All the best with your future…

    Kind Regards;

    Mark Smalley
    NI-LIMITS Sdn Bhd [754411-W]

  2. planetOzh Says:

    My Blog Now Has a Voice !

    I’m currently giving a new plugin a try: Odiogo’s Listen Button converts your posts to an audio file, ready to be downloaded, podcasted, or just played from within the page while you’re reading it.
    A few years ago I had tried somethin…

  3. NI-LIMITS Says:

    As a follow-up to our original post, I would just like to add that Odiogo contacted us the moment we left the post to tell us that we actually need to use a 4 digit ID code in order to get the plug-in to work.

    Just a few days ago, they sent out a mass-mail containing all the information about the new plug-in, along with the relevant IDs, which were the same as the ones they gave us the moment we left our original post.

    This company has excellent support…

    Our only concern is that it be becomes too popular, and people will start getting annoyed with those jingles…

    At one point, we were one of the few blogs using the service, and it rocked. Maybe they could introduce some new characters into their (digital audio) team that would allow blog owners to choose who will talk back…?

    Either way, all the best Odiogo!

  4. NI-LIMITS Says:

    Could I ask whether you have changed the length of the MP3s…?

    In the old days, when I used to download the MP3s and create my own podcasts out of them, I was always given an audio file of the entire length of the post…

    However, now that I am using the “Listen Odiogo” wordpress plug-in, it now seems as though my posts are being cut off at a certain point and that I only get to listen to the preview of it…

    An example can be seen at:

    Is this true? How do we get our full feeds back?

  5. James Gemmill Says:

    If I change webhosts, and my url changes, how can I update my Odiogo feed?

  6. Bob Says:

    We will be releasing soon an account management application on which changes can be notified.
    In the meantime, kindly email us at support [at] odiogo.com.

  7. Alex Says:

    This plugin is awesome. I use it on my site but actually had to disable the Listen Button and provide link to my Odiogo podcast.

    I’m a control freak and like to be able to control where the listen button is placed on my post - any chance you can provide instruction for manual addition of the button to the theme?

    My blog url: http://www.howtospoter.com


  8. Green Says:


    Cool! Its really cool.

  9. john Says:

    One of the best plug-ins around.

  10. Bethany Says:

    I love this plugin. I have a few visitors (that I know of) with vision problems, and with this button I can make it much easier for them to “read” my blog!

    Alex, I went into the odiogo_listen_button.php file and added div wrappers around the chunks of code that start with the comment “BEGIN listen button odiogo.com v1.3…” and then styled the divs.

    Still haven’t managed to get rid of the border around the button, but I think that’s an oversight somewhere in my stylesheet.

  11. Toofaani Says:

    I have been looking for this all over. Thanks.

    However, just one query, is there a way to decide where to place the listen button. Instead of just placing it automatically below the Title, maybe I want to place it towards the end of the post or maybe on sidebar.

    And info on that.

  12. Eddie Says:

    What about wordpress.com blogs?? Would really complete the perfect package if it could be used with the .com version as ou can with blogger.com

  13. Bob Says:

    100% agree.
    We’re trying to approach wordpress.com on this matter. Any tip to help us getting this done will be greatly appreciated!

  14. Sam Says:

    I am having trouble with my .com version of wordpress too! I really want to have this and might even switch to blogger for it. Yet, it may push me to do a more custom blog!

  15. J. Burkhart Says:

    I have nothing but the highest praise for which to bestow upon the fine and generous minds behind the services provided by Odiogo which have brilliantly opened an entire universe of vocalized content filled with knowledge which may now reach those visual impaired or so multitasked as to be prevented from reading content on a computer screen.

    Thank you for having provided such a blessed gift within a world which often seems so indifferent towards those with special needs.

  16. Tomas M. Says:

    Hi, I’m trying to not use WP plugin, but instead hardcode odiogo button into the theme. Here is the code:

    showOdiogoReadNowButton (”XXXXX”, “”, “”, 290, 55);

    showInitialOdiogoReadNowFrame (”XXXXX”, “”, 290, 0);

    Can you explaine what is the meaning of variables: 290, 55, 0 ?


  17. Bob Says:

    the variables refer to width and height.
    Please note, we will not be able to support “custom” versions of our plugin :-)

  18. Wikiweblog Team Says:

    We have added the plugin and it works, however it only reads a small portion of the entire post. Is it possible to get it to read the entire post? thanks.

  19. Mary Says:


    I have installed Odiogo plugin on my WordPress blog and Odiogo button works fine on my website http://CelebGalz.com and on the actual post for example:
    However Odiogo button is not working fine in under the “Categories”. One such example is:
    In place of showinng the Odiogo button, it shows the following:
    showOdiogoReadNowButton (119121?, Britney Spears Sex Tape: Adnan Ghalib suing over sex tape, 5954?, 290, 55);

    showInitialOdiogoReadNowFrame (119121?, 5954?, 290, 0);

    I have Google “showOdiogoReadNowButton” and noted that many more websites are having this problem. Can anyone help to find the problem so that the same can be fixed?

    Thanks, Mary.

  20. Femi Says:

    The Odiogo listen button is REALLY exceptional. While not perfect it is very welcoming and I plan to use on my blogs.

    However I am having the same issue as the last poster, because the audio does not play all the way to the end on my posts. It usually stops after a few seconds.

    I notice on other people’s blogs it seems to be working fine when they have long posts and I’m not sure what they did different.

    Can somebody help me out here?


  21. Terry Says:

    People like me probably should not be using Odiogo, since I can’t even follow the instructions. My problem, on Mac, downloaded zip, now have “folder” on my desktop that says “odiogo_listen_button”. Part I don’t get is the

    Copy the directory `odiogo_listen_button` into your `/wp-content/plugins/` directory via local file copy, FTP, scp or similar

    First is the “folder” the directory? Second, how to I copy (or upload) to location specified via options provided?